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Hi all, I recently completed a replica Hubert Platt “ Georgia Shaker “ 427 SOHC 69 Mustang match racer. These were originally built by Holman-Moody-Stroppe in preparation for a new Pro Stock class which was to begin in 1970. They had started with R-code Cobra Jets, welding a cover over the side scoop making it easier to convert the cars to 1970 models. Hubert only ran this configuration with the 427 SOHC for less than 3 months before it underwent its transformation for the 1970 race season by swapping the front end from the 69 to a 70 and a different paint scheme. I started with the revell Boss 302 finished in Tamiya Racing Blue, Decals by Slixx sitting on torq thrust wheels. Thanks for looking.













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There’s nothing I don’t like about this build Nick. The subject, the paint work, the foiling, decals, that well-detailed big SOHC, Torque Thrust Mags, just an all around beautiful model! Would love to see a photo of the underside if you have one to post. Thanks for sharing!

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Very sharp, very clean build of a beautiful car! I've been wanting to build a model of its stablemate, Mickey Thompson's Boss 429, for decades and you are inspiring me to get to it. Well done and model on! B)

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looks AWESOME! I got to meet and speak with Hubert numerous times and he was always awesome to speak with. His son Allen races a tribute Falcon with SEGA, and his nephew (Rocky Platt) drives a tribute Nova Huberts brother raced

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Very nice!! An excellent build of one of my very favourites. Smooth, clean work all around.

I had searched for decals to do one of these builds a few years ago, but could find nothing. If Slixx has them now, I'll be ordering up a couple sets. 

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