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My first post to this forum, so please bear with me.  I recently completed the A&N US Argosy; ordered in February and sent in April.  I put it on an Italeri chassis; I had to modify the axle locations and shorten it somewhat.  This was an exquisitely detailed and precisely fitted kit, beautifully crafted down to the packaging!.  However, I found that the US version appears to be the Aussie version with a LHD dashboard; the exhaust stack was on the wrong side for a US truck and took some improvisation to make it work.  I'm not used to working with brass parts but I didn't have much problems with them except for the fuel tanks, which were such a hassle that I gave up and used a LoneStar tank (left side) and a shorter parts box tank to fit the repositioned exhaust stack (right side).  Everything else fit together quite nicely.  That said, this was one of the more challenging builds I've done.

This "second generation" Argosy was only available in the US as a glider kit, so I fitted mine with a DD Series 60 engine, which was by far the most popular engine option for Argosy gliders.  I tagged it as a Nebraska owner-operator rig, as that would have been a typical glider customer.  I couldn't resist painting it in CF green; it was all I could do to refrain from using a spare set of AMT CF decals to create a "what if" fantasy!

Next on my bench is a Romanian CIP models bubblenose Freightliner, which will also be in CF green.  From the last Freightliner to the first (more or less)!

If someone can help me with how to post pics to this forum, I would appreciate it... I don't know how to assign an URL to my pics.  Thanks!

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