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Happy friday,,lookin at the leaves changing colors in my back yard,,and I see Mr Woodchuck crawling out from under my tool shed  in back yard,,Im thinkin,,,pest control company named  "Fir Fighters"  ,,if they had a drag race car ,,this would be it.   Its the AMT 66 Chevy Nova   PS kit.  Cool kit,,nice tires,,tubbed chassis,,wheelie bars,,no roll bar though,,I had to make one from the leftovers bx. Also replaced stock seat w/race seat.  And added  the  rear trunk deck wing.  {all cars should have a wing on them}   Also opened up wheel wells to view rims+tires better.   Sprayed rattlecan testors  purplelicious  quikdry,,hand bottle painted rest of it. Kit went together well,,and looks decent on the shelf,,guess thats all I can ask for!   Enjoy everybodys work here!  Build on!









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4 hours ago, bisc63 said:

OK, I have to admit I clicked on this one expecting to see maybe a decal of a guy duking it out with a pine tree. Purplicious color works nicely on this body!  (Chevy II, not a Chevelle  😉)

lol,,yea its an odd title,,the bx says  chevy nova pro street on it. Not a chevelle,,or chevy 2,,so its a square shaped mid 60's chevy ps car,,lol.thanks for the comments. 

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