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Haven’t built a truck in 30 years.  FF9A3EAC-75E3-4F58-886C-D6A0A05AE81A.thumb.jpeg.f1062f7b0db3977206c8b634b191e4ca.jpeg8EC232FB-FCD7-401B-85CC-345292FF05EB.thumb.jpeg.002d37989439b3467099aa7dc78caf4d.jpeg11C64214-158B-439D-A704-44A7720A8B5E.thumb.jpeg.d9aa514a14b5e331d9867f8d236bc0cd.jpegE1672054-5707-4023-9F4B-F85977F63770.thumb.jpeg.c9a3e425cee77f98e0a4545298328100.jpeg7D5383FE-368F-4CF1-BA4B-2F573C53388F.thumb.jpeg.125f2b43a4901f1dddaf0059bb08fe00.jpeg19B349D7-A2B5-4A18-8518-4FE22F8968A5.thumb.jpeg.0e353b647d6f119d46952f76baa43d5e.jpegBought this lit for $17 on a whim last year.  And wanted to challenge myself with a first time weathering attempt.  Goal was to do a Nevada -Texas truck that had some miles that were all in the dry climates.  Here is the cab finished tonight. The tanker will be picked up in Texas when we can find a driver, probably Monday.  

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Weathering can be challenging but I know for a fact that this kit is not for the faint of heart.I never could finish it properly. Both the build and weathering are astounding.If this is your first attempt, then you have nothing to worry about your next attempts. Success all around.

I like the dusting on the engine it is very convincing.

Good job sir.

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Hey thanks fellas.  I appreciate the feedback and all your appreciation.  Today I have to run to the LHS and get some paint for the next kit that I want to paint before cold really settles in, then make a run to Texas and get the tanker, full of fuel and bring it back for a photo session.  It will prolly get a little dirty and dusty, and won't have time to wash it so bear with me.

image.gif.6353759e4944458ed68b13390b16cb75.gifThis model is box stock except for a little plastic between the front springs and the I beam axle to raise the front end up, plus, I changed the front cab hinge point to be higher on the chassis as well to eliminate the droop in two areas. 

Unfortunately the thing is a little warped, and as I travel across Arizona and New Mexico to get the load of fuel, I am gonna have to keep two hands on the wheel!  Hopefully I can get by chassis guy in Houston at AJ Foyt Racing to take a look at it and make the drive back a bit easier....

I gotta run, and will add more details when I get back from the road.....


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Just got back from Houston with a full load of fuel. Man these old trucks are hard on the body, especially considering this is really a city truck. Could barely hit 50 mph flat out into a Texas grade headwind!  

thought I would post a few quickie shots before I syphon a bit of gas this morning for the family cars….


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