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Marilyn Monroe's '59 Caddy. Pic heavy.


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I like the paint finish and color. The chrome trim is all very cleanly done. Must have taken the better part on a sheet of Bare Metal Foil. Nice detailing of the lower tail lights in the rear bumper and the headlights. I like how you used the side glass as it adds a different over all look to the model.  The interior has a very realistic looking finish. 

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You've done a gorgeous job on Marilyn's Cadillac Gene! The colour is unexpected and not often seen which makes it all the more convincing for me. It's expertly applied too. I have to say, I get a little nervous thinking about all that foil work, but you did a great job with it. Inside and out! Thanks for posting it.


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Again, thank you all. Eric, the real car was originally Persian Sand on the exterior, George Barris painted it the Gold color for Marilyn to match an outfit color she really liked. The interior was left original, that's what I liked about it, it's different but still compliments the exterior.

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Thanks guys, yes, all that BMF was a beast lol. But like Scott said, well worth the time. The real car was custom painted this color by George Barris to match an outfit that Marilyn had and loved. This wasn't a factory color for '59. It was originally Persian Sand, hence the interior color. Here's the real car.




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