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Tamiya McLaren M8A

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1:18 scale.

The holes and slots in the underbody and behind the front wheels (that were left over when this was a battery powered kit) were filled in with Perfect Plastic Putty. Two coats of Tamiya primer and four coats of Tamiya TS-56.










Looks like i need to fill the gap where Bruce's right arm attaches to his shoulder!

All comments welcome.


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5 hours ago, Intmd8r said:

Very nice - couldn't imagine sitting that close to the engine at W.O.T. on the racetrack.

Ah, the days when safety was more of a concept than practice......

I agree, just listen.....

McLaren M8A Can-Am Racecar - Walkaround, Start up, and Insane Revs - Bing video

And not really any kind of bulkhead between the driver and the V8!




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You did an excellent job Steve on this old Tamiya kit. I have the Tamiya 1/18 Lola T-160 kit in my stash that I believe is the same vintage with the battery compartment and your build is inspiring me to take a crack at it. The TS-56 “Brilliant Orange”spray came out spot-on for McLaren Orange. Did you use the original Tamiya decals or Indycals replacements?

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