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Revell/Monogram ‘69 Pontiac GTO


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Just finished the ‘69 GTO by Revell/Monogram. I really had fun with this one.  It took a lot of work to get the nose to line up flush with the body, but other than that there were no real issues.

The kit was pretty basic so I had to make a few small tweaks/additions (engine bay, door handles, mirrors, tail lights, dash bezels, gauge faces, side reflectors, etc.) 

It was my first “candy” paint job and I really like how it added depth and realism to the little car - it almost changes color depending on the light.  Tamiya spray cans - 2 coats grey primer, 3 light coats of clear red over two coats of gloss aluminum, wet sanded then cleared with ts-13 and polished out.  Will definitely use that combo again. Gonna try it with clear blue next…

Foiling the trim tested my patience more than usual but I eventually calmed down and got it done.  Had no choice but to do the window and wheel trim with Hasegawa mirror finish since I simply could not get the bmf to stick (may redo it if/when bmf ever sorts out their product - it’s been brutal and almost ruined the build). Ok enough complaining 😜

I want to drive this car!!


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Hi Ryan, Your GTO is really striking, one of the best I’ve seen! Great interior work and the engine bay is a knock out. I’m going to use your paint process on one of my upcoming builds, hope it comes close to your final finish. Also like your shots of NYC.

Cheers Misha

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3 hours ago, Misha said:

Hi Ryan, Your GTO is really striking, one of the best I’ve seen! Great interior work and the engine bay is a knock out. I’m going to use your paint process on one of my upcoming builds, hope it comes close to your final finish. Also like your shots of NYC.

Cheers Misha

thanks dude - the key was using super light coats of the clear red to let the aluminum shine through 🤙🏽

2 hours ago, Toys4Don2 said:

Sweet looking build!  Excellent paint work. 

2 hours ago, Snake45 said:

Very nice work! Great paint and finish. Well done and model on! B)

2 hours ago, cobraman said:

Fine looking GTO.

1 hour ago, happy grumpy said:

Great model. I love everything about it.Beautiful outside shots.

1 hour ago, espo said:

Beautiful looking paint and color. You can see how smooth it is by the reflections on the surface. 

1 hour ago, Hi-Po said:

Beautifully done and the paint is excellent.

thanks fellas!

3 hours ago, Mike C. said:

Look great. Beautiful paint. I like you effect for the air cleaner foam.

Thanks mike - I just shoved some 26 or 28 gauge (can’t remember which) wrapping wire into a small heat shrink tube, shrunk it down, then attached another smaller piece at the endsCB9E6834-6B9C-43FE-BCE3-4C2F691A65AE.jpeg.cb1d1e9a1a43770e782dbd0dd337397e.jpeg


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14 minutes ago, Bills72sj said:

Beautiful paint and detailing. Your choice of background and photography is well done. It would look real except the all one finish rims let it down. Overall excellent result. Here is a pic of Rally IIs sans trim rings.

1969 GTO.jpg

Thanks - yeah the rims are bugging me too. I hit them with tamiya smoke then dull coated portions and panel washed others but probably didn’t spend enough time with it. I could touch them up pretty easily 🤙🏽 
I was going for this look below…but the wheels in your photo are sweet 



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Simply stunning build and photography. Great color combination and the red carpet is a nice touch. Firewall is the most detailed I've ever seen on one of these and it looks as though you fabricated the round front marker lights since this kit doesn't include one.

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