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I need a distraction from other projects, so I thought I would start this one. Plans are to install a complete drivetrain. I have the 5.0 from the Revell ‘32 Coupe that I might use, since the 4.0 six that it would have come with is not readily available.😕 Diffs will be resin copies of the Mobius F-100 units. If anyone knows of a resin hardtop for this kit please let me know.



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So far, I have removed the engine and trans, which only consists of the bottom side of each.  I moved the “firewall” back about 3/16” so it would clear the engine compartment. Once it was glued in place, I separated it and the front fenderwells from the floor pan and opened the hood.


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4 hours ago, slusher said:

Nice start Greg..

Thanks Carl

2 hours ago, Zippi said:

That's going to be a sharp looking Jeep.  I did the same thing a while back thinking I wanted something a little different and bought the Revell Baja Bronco.  

Thanks Bob. I have two stock Bronco kits that I want to get at soon also.

1 hour ago, Fabrux said:

The roof from the TJ snap kit is the one you want.

Thanks Chris, I do recall seeing that one at Michaels, hopefully they still have one.

31 minutes ago, alexis said:

Yeah, but it is not quite a  drop fit. Some fettling is called for.

Likely easier than starting from scratch!

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Well I snagged a snap kit from Michaels with a 30% off coupon. The roof is integral to the body, which at first glance, doesn’t look too bad. It has the full doors also, so I’ll have to have a closer look to see what parts I want to use. The tires look identical to the “Trucks” kit, but the wheels are 5 lug like they should be instead of the six lug units in the advanced kit. 




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19 minutes ago, Rob Hall said:

The modern Hemi from the Revell Magnum or Challenger SRT would be an interesting swap...

I saw one of those at the local flea market too, but never looked close enough to see if the engine was in it. I hate to buy a complete kit just for the engine.😕

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20 hours ago, Zippi said:

Looking pretty good Greg.  That roof fits really well.  I buy kits for the wheels and engines at HL when they have their 40 percent off.  At $14.99 its cheaper and faster than placing an online order.

Thanks. The roof, body and doors are all one piece on the snap kit. Without researching, I’m sure these two kits must have originated from the same master, they are nearly identical. So I think I may use the front clip from the Revell Level 4 kit, since it has the open grill…..and the body, doors and top of the snap kit. I’ll decide later whether to separate the roof and maybe even the doors?


18 hours ago, 1930fordpickup said:

Greg do what you want with it for a power plant. They sold kits for the 302 swap back in the day for jeeps. 

Yes, I like the idea of the nice little 5L/AOD combo, even though there were much cheaper and reliable options in the real world.  The mounting points don’t seem to want to mesh nicely, but if I use the snapper body it’s irrelevant anyway. The oil pan in the deuce coupe kit has to be modified to more closely resemble the one in the Revell early Bronco kit, or it will interfere with the front differential. I have the engine mounted and there should be lots of room for the accessories and a radiator.




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The headers that came with the engine in the Coupe kit won’t work. The manifolds in the Bronco kit will…but I need them for the Bronco. I started to copy them from styrene before deciding to make some headers. See this thread in tips and tricks for how I made them.





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