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AMT '25 T Vintage NHRA Competition Coupe, First build of 2022!


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I built this over my Christmas vacation time, finishing it up this morning. The original plan was to get both cars in the 2 in 1 kit finished, building a hot rod coupe and stock roadster pickup straight from the box. After looking everything over, I decided to go this way with the coupe, I will modify the stock roadster into a 60's era street rod with an Olds V8 from the AMT '40 Sedan. More on that as it progresses, but it will be built similarly, without wiring, etc. 






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1 hour ago, Snake45 said:

Pretty cool, you don't see these that often. Is than an AMT Parts Pack Pontiac engine? 

The headers were from the parts pack, the engine is from the AMT '36 Ford. The supercharger is from the Double Dragster, the belt/cover is from the AMT '57 Chevy, the 2 port injector came from the parts box.

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Love it! These competition coupe’s look great in gold.I have a survivor from my dad that he painted gold in the 60’s . he used those long headers from the 53 studebaker kit. My kid eyes though they were so cool. You inspired me to do a freshen up on it.thanks so much.

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