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Aoshima Mad Max V8 Interceptor


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In an effort to keep thinning the stash and trying to produce one model a month, I started this relatively simple kit. The fit and finish of parts are great, really easy to assemble. As of this morning I only had parts in primer and some with a first coat of paint. I will just be doing a box stock build with light weathering. 

Here are all the parts assembled so far.


Here is the chassis which is almost complete. I need to add the exhaust and weather the shock mounts and front steering assembly as well as some other minor details.


Here it is all test fitted. Stance checks out okay. I'm excited to see it finished. Will be applying some weathering techniques to the body within the coming days. It already has some "battle scars" showing through the paint. I wanted some rough spots on the paint, came out good.


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18 hours ago, Bullybeef said:

The car of my childhood, I’ve always wanted a replica for my shelf but the prices are unreal for these.

Yes they are getting pricey. I picked this kit up 2 years ago for $50. They wanted $75 but came down on price pretty quickly!

17 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Ooh, I like that car too! It’s looking good Jacob!👍

Thank you! I’m going to get back at it tonight. It’s been a fun kit to build. 

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More painting/weathering completed on the chassis, interior, and wheels tonight. I'm gonna sleep on the interior and see if I want to apply some more black wash to soften out the weathering effects a bit more. I like it, but think it could be subdued a bit more. What do you all think?






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Well, kind of doing this backwards.. I decided to weather it the “right” way and do it the way I did on my ‘55 Cameo.

I applied some brown primer, ochre brown, and old rust from MIG and AK, respectively.


Then I got my handy makeup tore-up sponge to apply random splotches of paint to the airbrushed areas. I know it looks really bad right now but that’s alright.


After this dries (and I get some hairspray) I will apply some hairspray to the body to lock in that coat of paint. I will also smooth out the finish, as the ochre is a little thick and affects the smooth finish. I’ll then re-paint the body in Tamiya semi-gloss black. Then I can begin chipping away the paint and revealing the weathering underneath.

I should have done this step in the first place, but I tried to do it differently. Lesson learned. 

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Quick update! I picked up some hairspray and got a heavy coating on the body. After I let that dry for a day I then painted the body again.

Right after the hairspray:


After getting it painted I began weathering. I was a little worried about it, I’m not too happy about the weathering underneath. I should have not used the brown ochre, it’s too yellow in my opinion. I should have thinned it more before applying it. It’s coming around. The more I weather it the more realistic it works. Here is the passenger side of the car:


I’ve only worked on the rocker pretty much. The other areas on the fender and rear quarter have just been chipped, no additional weathering has been applied. 

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Last update for the night. Hopefully the next posting is in the Under Glass section. The workbench is messy, completed a lot! Tomorrow I have to paint and install clear parts, install a couple interior pieces, wipers, mirror, and give the body a final airbrushing of light colors for dust and grime. 

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Looking good.  For anyone looking for a less expensive alternative here’s what I did to the Lindberg “Mustang”  kit.  There is no way I could have built it “stock” with all the obvious weird deviations from a factory Mustang.


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