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Mini Tubbed chassis & interior for Revell '69 Camaro

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Sorry for the delay in reply, I've been sick as a dog w/ the FLU :blink:

I've "heard" of that 2 week FLU virus & shrugged it off, I'm one of those guy's "if" I catch something, it passes w/in a few hrs/days *but this one ready dug deep & kicked my BUTT, when I coughed , I felt it down to the knuckles in my toes ,,, even my hair hurt ! ** I'm sereious **Yea.. I know , next yr I'll get a Flu Shot !!!

Roger, been messing around w/ a few ideas for that P/S BIG TUB rear & 4 LINK, a few different rears that I dug up & a few other misc. components. I showed a few "other" guy's the 2nd P/S Big Tub rear & they thought the Frame Rails were a good idea, also got some constructive feedback / ideas on how to make it better !

I'm focused on launching the New Web Site for our 9th yr annrsy. & pulling the plug w/ evilbay,(for now)it just ain't worth the %/$ anymore.

But for now check out our Facebook & Photo Albums, lottsa fresh new stuff coming !! B)

Hope to feel better these next few days

Build ON !


p.s. Roger , shoot me an email to > ReliableResin@aol.com ,

it maybe all the OTC meds I'm on, & a lil' lil' headed today , can't seem to find your email ;)

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