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Several years ago made a T-Shirt for the ugly sweater day at the office and haven’t really worn it since. Well we had an ugly sweater day again today so I wore it again today, but discovered on my way in the door that the green off 4 out of the 5 trees I put in it was missing, only tree left was the Charlie Brown Tree in the middle. 

So that Charlie Brown Tree is now flanked by 3 Stumps and the Family Tree from the movie Deliverance.


All that said, I’m debating about fixing this one or leaving as is, now that it’s even uglier, then recreating it on a smaller sweat shirt, now that I have also since lost a reasonably sized human too.

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59 minutes ago, Snake45 said:

2006? Please. I am constantly using model parts I've had since 1968 "in case I might need them." 

I'm right there with you, but with real-car parts and "obsolete" tools.

Funny how much of what was viewed as scrap metal back then is worth its weight in gold now.  :)

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43 minutes ago, iamsuperdan said:

Right, next thing you guys will be saying that you actually used one of the mystery cables from the box of mystery cables and power cords we all have in the garage.

Funny you should mention that. I fix things with bad power cords all the time by reusing stuff like that. The RCA connectors on cables are appropriate for hooking up all kinds of "obsolete" sound system components in cars for troubleshooting, etc. (my in-home system is "obsolete" too, and outperforms anything I've ever heard), and that old reel of Cat-5 cable I pulled out of a dumpster connects all the hardwired sensors around my house.

I just re-corded an electric engraver with a carbide tip (still working fine after 40+ years) using an old cord salvaged from something else.



Guess if I was a smart and hot-hip-happenin' mod-ren kinda guy, I would have thrown it all out and bought a bunch of cheap offshore POS that would quit in a couple years max, out-of-warranty, or with disappeared websites and zero support.

image.png.637690e5ac3310b993459ab43650dc83.png    Sorry fellas. I can think of plenty of better uses for money.   B)

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This kid was literally too cool for school!🤣

Schoolboy, 15, is put in isolation and told to chop off his mullet because the hairdo is 'too extreme'

  • Toby Quinn, 15, was put in isolation for a full day because he had a mullet
  • The Sunderland schoolboy had previously been punished for having short hair


PUBLISHED: 10:48, 26 October 2023 | UPDATED: 13:18, 26 October 2023



A 15-year-old boy was put in isolation for a full day and told to chop off his mullet because the hairdo is 'too extreme', his mother says.

Toby Quinn was separated from his classmates and put in isolation after his teachers told him his Aussie-style trim was 'unacceptable and unprofessional'.

St Aidan's Catholic Academy, in Sunderland, gave the teenage boy a week to chop it off.

He was previously punished and isolated for having his hair too short, and was left fuming when he was told his haircut was now too long.

The school extended the deadline when his mother said he was growing it for charity, but now he's been forced to cut it short.

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I might have convinced a group of anmal lovers that we put wooly jumpers on ponies for winter in the scottish islands. Now a group have started planning to visit shetland during the worst weather in hope of seeing 2 ponies wearing wooly jumpers from a ten year old tourist advert. I think they are going to be very disappointed. this is the pic i posted


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