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59 Chevrolet El-Camino

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Well ive got to be honest and say im not a 100% happy with this build.  But I guess you lose track of a build when you started it 10 years ago and try to pick up where you stalled out. 

Had a lot of fit issues and trouble when doing final assembly. Glad I made it through to have another stalled build completed and on the shelf so I can move on to something else.

Those of you who are observant will see some of the issues and things im not happy with.

I've learnt expectations can not always be satisfied with every build. So im not going to whinge or complain in detail, just move on and accept it is what it is. A decent clean build that looks good on the shelf.

Okay now we got that disclaimer out the way onto the pics. LOL!

The kit I started with.



First mocked it up and set the stance back in 2012. Other details in the WIP



As per usual the same colours I always use. TS-14 black and TS-49 bright red. Wheels are Pegasus #1109's.

Removed the mold lines on the bumpers and redone with Alclad chrome.











Nothing fancy here, could say its a curbside plus an engine.





Have held onto this number plate for years saving it for just the right build.


Had clearance issue's with the oob air cleaner, so had to use one from my spare parts and painted Alclad chrome. No idea what it is from. Coil from spare parts also.


Made a hard lid for the bed out 1mm sheet styrene and scribed around the edge to create the trim.








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Appreciate all the comments, thank you.


8 hours ago, Sam I Am said:

Funny about the cars from the age of excess, which I love, but they all seem to stall when it comes to the foil work. 😄 (which I have three stalled at this moment) 

Yeah being that there is a lot of chrome trim, it can be a bit intimidating.

Thats why I made sure to get in some practice on a few other car builds before tackling the El-Camino. 

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Can't believe I missed this beautiful looking El Camino the first time around. Flawless black paint and the bright red interior work well together and all the chrome trim is nice and clean looking. Sits about as low as you can go, but you might think about some exhaust and mufflers. 

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