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This will be my kit and goal to complete in February. The AMT/ERTL Dodge D-50. I’ll be building the box art version of the kit, since it’s the reason I got it in the first place. Surprised by the parts count in this kit and I’m excited to build it. Should have some progress tomorrow!


I haven’t decided on wheels/tires. The kit wheels are not what I think should go on a mini truck. The tires are also a bit large in my opinion. I might put on the Aoshima BBS wheels from my stash. 

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3 hours ago, Casey said:

Might want to contact @Dave Darby as I believe he built the box art model.

Looking forward to your progress. Neat kit, gong to be reissued very soon, too.

Casey, good idea. I reached out to him to see if he has any input or modifications he did. Thanks for the information. Also good news that this will be re-issued. Had not heard that.

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Small update today. I’ve been trying to get better at test fitting. For me this means really taking my time now on the assembly process. As I get better I should be able to do this part faster. 

I shaved all the emblems off the body. There are D-50 badges and marker lights on the fenders, emblems on the B pillars, and two emblems/badges on the hood. I also filled the door handles. I’m debating on shaving the wipers on he cowl.. might be a bit more work but I’m not sure if it will be worth it. 


I also added some styrene to the hood sides since there was a bit of a gap when installed. Then I sanded off the details in the engine bay since I’m going for a clean and simple look. If I remove the wipers I will also fill the hole in the engine bay for the washer fluid reservoir. 

As far as wheels, I have three options so far. What do you guys think?





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6 hours ago, Rusty92 said:

Casey, good idea. I reached out to him to see if he has any input or modifications he did. Thanks for the information. Also good news that this will be re-issued. Had not heard that.

Hi Jacob, I did do the box art builds the D50 pickup. Both stock and custom versions. As you can see from these photos, (I wish would have had a better camera back then!) the custom version was neon pink, with a clearcoat. Both trucks were built straight out of the box, with no modifications (other than I probably shaved the emblems on the custom pickup. Hope this helps.

d502sm-vi (1).jpg

d50sm-vi (1).jpg

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I got some more work done on the bed. Had it all put together but had to peel off the passenger side to adjust it a bit. Now it’s all square. Test fitted the bed cover and installed the rear flares. I think I’ll fill the lines on the bed, since they aren’t on the cab and seem kind of weird to me.


Also might cali combo the bed with a roll pan, filled tailgate but will keep the stock lights. 


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Completed some additional work on the bed. I started filling in the gap between the bed and filler plate. I made a filler plate to see if it would work, i'll be using some different styrene though and this will not be the final piece for the rear. Fitment is kind of vague on the filler plate that attaches to the bed and rear bumper, I added some styrene to close the gaps. Will have to get some putty on this tonight hopefully. As far as color, I don't have any neon pink. I think I will do a silver base coat with neon blue over that. Need to get some plastic spoons to try it out on.


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Update for tonight:

Filled the body lines with its first initial layer of putty. The rear still needs sanded more and I didn’t touch the passenger side yet. It looks good so far. I’m sure it will need some additional filler later on.



Also fitted the engine bay to the cab and made sure the hood fits snug. It does thankfully. I want to display the engine on this build so I made a simple hood prop that can fold down and out of the way. And lastly I cut open the sun roof and cleaned up the edges of the opening. 


Here is the cab with the clear part resting in its place. I will be painting the edges black to simulate the rubber seal that would be present on a real vehicle.


For anybody wondering, I use Squadron green putty. It seems to work the best for me for large/deep areas. I also find it the easiest to sand and work with when applying. 


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  • Rusty92 changed the title to AMT/ERTL Dodge D-50

Busy couple days. Got the fender flares, front valence, and custom air dam added to the front. I also puttied them. Then primered most of the parts except for the smaller engine bits. I’ll need to putty the bed and cab some more to get it smoother. 

I also settled on the color for this build. I used Tamiya sky blue over Tamiya chrome silver. There is no clear on this spoon and I haven’t buffed it. Came out pretty shiny! 


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More progress today. More body work on the cab, front clip, and bed. Getting close. I think I will only need to work it a little bit more and I’ll be set. The interior will be two tone brown and light brown. The engine will be painted body color; same for the engine bay.


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First real mock-up tonight. I like it. Sits higher than I wanted but really didn’t want to modify the suspension. Cab sits kind of funny on the interior tub. I’ll have to make something for it to ‘snap’ on to so it’s in one set place before finally assembly  



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