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'72 Pinto finished


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Finished up on the build of my first brand new car, bought in December of 1971.  Good little car that unfortunately rusted away before it failed me mechanically.  Started with an AMT 71 Pinto kit and added tires and wheels (thanks Steve... aka Rodent) I believe from an MPC 74 Pinto, a side pipe (needed to be shortened), scratch made bumper guards, and finished with MCW Bright Lime gloss lacquer.  The interior is Tamiya White Primer and Ceramcoat Hunter Green craft paint and then cleared with Rustoleum Matte Clear.  I made up the fender "flag" decal and replicas of my real license plates.  Overall happy with the results especially how well the color replicated what I remember the Pinto to have been.  It's a great addition to my builds of vehicles that I either owned or a family member owned.  Still many left to build however... :D

IMG-1253 (Large).JPG

IMG-1382 (Large).JPG

IMG-1383 (Large).JPG

IMG-1584 (Large).JPG

IMG-1585 (Large).JPG

IMG-1586 (Large).JPG


IMG-1588 (Large).JPG

IMG-1589 (Large).JPG

IMG-1590 (Medium).JPG

IMG-1591 (Large).JPG

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I too had a 72 Pinto, a brown hatchback 4 speed. I bought it used around 1977 I think. My dad had a brand new one, identical to mine. I got mine cuz I wanted a small car that was easy to parallel park since I was taking my drivers test then. Fun little car. Great job on yours, looks just like your 1:1! I’d like to find  an unbuilt kit and build it like my brown one. 

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