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Jaguar 420, Airfix, 1/32

Matt Bacon

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Late '60s vintage Airfix kit from their "contemporary" range of the time. The re-issued kit is a bit tired, and needs hauling into shape, but the detail and finesse of some of the mouldings (look at that "leaper" on the hood) is surprisingly good. For a Brit car, it's quite big even though it's the ultimate evolution of the "small" Jaguar saloon not the 420G, which is a barge. They're not as well liked in the collector market as either the Mk 2 or the XJ6 which came later, which seems a bit unfair given they have the independent suspension of the E-Type for handling, the most powerful regular XK engine for go, and plenty of boot space and accommodation for four adults.... anyway, on with the pics:












Highly recommended for the £15 it costs now, rather than the £150 you'd have had to pay last year on eBay...




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Very nice build you have there Matt . . . . . and I am building one of these as we speak.

There was one part missing from the sprue in my re-issue 2021 kit of the Jaguar 420, but I emailed Hornby, and the Airfix Spares Team responded very quickly indeed. The missing air cleaner part was posted to me next day for free !

I see that you have chosen gold for your paint colour, which suits this car admirably, and I have chosen Opalescent Silver Blue (light) for my paint colour.

As you say Matt, the mould is getting tired after all these years (1967) and there is a fair amount of work to clean up the the parts, but I feel the result is well worth the effort. You have the road wheels in the body colour, which is correct. The driver figure is a nice touch too. Well done.

Opening bonnet on a 1:32 scale model car is unusual, and there is plenty of detail.



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4 minutes ago, Matt Bacon said:

Thanks, guys! @Anglia105E I can't build ALL my Jags in Opalescent Silver Blue...




It is probably my favorite Jaguar colour...



You probably noticed Matt, that my Tamiya 1:24 scale Jaguar Mk2 in gold has been converted to a MK1 with rear spats, but I haven't corrected the windows. They should be smaller of course. Your MK2 and your E-Type look really good in Opalescent Silver Blue, and this colour appeals to me also.


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Back in the 70's when I played regular local football (soccer to our American friends) our team manager used to pick me and some team mates up in one of these. That smell of Connoly leather in the car is unforgettable. I made a model of his car and gave it to him shortly after.

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