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BRBO 2022 Kenworth Canepa finished (but disqualified)

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My 2nd AMT KW is finished. It was started 16 years ago but it is done now. It is mated with an auto transporter trailer that has been slightly modified. Below is the WIP thread.








Canepa FLF.JPG

Canepa hood off.JPG

Canepa front.JPG

Canepa Rear.JPG

KW twins LF.JPG

AMT 1 and 2.JPG

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Better pics
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2 hours ago, Doug 1061 said:

Very nice. That is a whole bunch of hours there. That's gonna take up some major shelf space.

Thanks Doug. Yes I have a lot of time invested but they turned out as well as I envisioned. They actually kind of save space. I can park One semi truck and and AND 5 cars on about as much space as 4 cars would take.

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47 minutes ago, vincen47 said:

I like how you fixed the grille surround, looks much nicer correctly blended into the hood. Sharp looking truck. Great paint.

Thank you, I found and article about correcting the chrome grille surround to body color. It makes it more correct.

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