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Monogram Don Edmunds Supermodified--Completed!

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I just completed this project. I spent most of the last year, working on it. The entire fuel system is scratchbuilt. The wing, floor/belly pans, firewall, seat, dash and hood are all hand-formed from aluminum flashing. The seat pad is bookbinding leather. The steering wheel is made from an aluminum flashing rim and spokes, with the grip sides made from Delrin. The assembly is held together with nichrome wire rivets. The braking system is scratchbuilt, as well. I made molds, and cast the calipers and the Halibrand Safety wheels. I need to get some better engine shots. Other than those, I am very happy with these photos! I am happy with this car's overall look, and satisfied with some new techniques I learned, along the way.

Check out the construction thread, here:

Your questions, critiques and comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
















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19 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Daniel!

Wow, talk about cramming so many details in such a small space! Your fuel system itself is worth the price of admission, and the finish on the headers is so life-like it's hard to distinguish from the 1/1! 



Thank you, so much, Claude. That manifold was a task! I figured out a great way to make welds, and they can't even be seen!😄 But, that's what we do, isn't it, my friend? Your streamliner is killer! Thanks so much for your comments, sir!

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1 hour ago, Pierre Rivard said:


Daniel, this is a most impressive build. The aluminums roof wing with all the rivets is formidable but most impressive is the engine detailing.

Awesome in so many ways. Scratch building extraordinaire.


Thank you, Pierre. Your very kind words are much appreciated!

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1 hour ago, sflam123 said:

As a lifelong open wheel fan and follower, I can say that this is COOL and very realistic!  Well done!!   I know it was aloof work, but you did a great job.

Thank you, Stephen! It surely was a lot of work, but, I enjoyed it! I am happy that you, as a lifelong fan, appreciate it. That means something!

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