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BRBO 2022 Ford LN8000 Pepsi Delivery truck (Was Coke)

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I started this build as a Coke truck, but with all the Coke stuff out there, and my preference for Pepsi, I changed it up to a Pepsi Delivery truck.

The cab, engine and half the frame are from the LN8000 Snow Plow truck. I cut the frame and made it into a drop frame to allow me to have the side door open and display the insides. This required a removal of a large chunk of the frame and rebuilding it as a drop frame. 

I also lowered the cab and engine. The stock plow truck sat too high for a city delivery truck, so I lowered it about 1/4in. I also replaced the fuel tanks with a custom fuel tank I made out of sign foam and a modified battery box from the spares box. 

The wheels are from Scenes Unlimited, kit tires. 

Interior is detailed with a Pepsi Can and a clip board on the passenger seat. 

Most of the hard work was done in the rear. The back of the truck is completely scratch built. I opened one bay with a roll up door to display the Pepsi racks. Some Pepsi racks are from Coke kits, a few are 3D printed. 

The Pepsi Decals were from a forum member who gererously donated to the cause (Thank you, you know who you are). 

The Beverage dolly is scratch built with tires made from hardware store O rings. It stores in a slot below the front bumper when not being used. 

The Pepsi machine is a Coke machine with a display sign downloaded from Google and printed. The truck roll up door pull straps are brown paper bag dyed to look like leather. 

Under the hood it is mostly just the stock kit stuff, but lowered to fit the cab closer to the frame. 

I hope you like it, it was a fun build. 







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Fantastic! I knew this was going to be a great build. I really like everything you’ve done to make it unique and look every bit the part. Excellent details, especially the pull straps on the doors and a can of Pepsi on the seat!

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That is just too cool. Pepsi over coke anyday. Never understood why pepsi has not done more for scale builders. Did you make pepsi decals? I have a few coke kits i always wanted to convert to pepsi.

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