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A pair of AMT/Matchbox '63 Split Window Corvettes


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I recently built two AMT/Matchbox Corvettes side by side. Both are curbside as the kits are both a bit long in the tooth and rather basic, The suspension is moulded in with the floorpan and the seats with the interior tub. A newer kit, like the Revell '67 would be a better base for a fully detailed model.

Here's the AMT version sat alongside the Matchbox UK issue. Same kits inside, different takes on the boxart. I like both.


The body shape looks spot on to me. The beautiful Corvette curves are all there and the moulding is still sharp enough to work with.

I went for a stock version and a hot street/strip one.

The stocker got a Tamiya Pearl Blue spray bomb finish, with a red Humbrol Enamel interior. I like the way the two colours fit together. The bumpers got thinned right down and rechromed with Molotow Chrome ink, brush painted on. If you use a wide brush and don't overbrush the stuff it goes on well. Spraying it through an airbrush is probably the best way to go but I've not tried that yet.

Windscreens on both builds are thin clear plastic, cut to size and fitted with tape. They are better than the kit plastic but not perfect as they curve in one direction only. The double curve needed for a really good fit will only come with moulding the clear and I haven't mastered that yet.


The wheels are resin cast ones I made from the MPC Mako Shark kit, also chromed with Molotow, with a dark grey wash in the wheel recesses.


The background for this shot is a 60's Bridget Riley Opt Art piece, found on the internet and printed at A3. Groovy man.


The second build used one of the three hoods provided and got a tunnel ram settuo added. The hood is fixed as the engine bay is a bit basic and I wanted the hood tight fitting. The only detailing is what is on show. Photo etch hood pins were added to the hood, six tail light added and the same bumper thinning as on the blue car. All the chrome detailing it with Molotow ink. Big and little wheels and tires came from the spares box. I might add tire lettering at some point but I quite like the plain look of the blackwalls at the moment.

The paint is Tamiya again. Gold base with clear orange over the top. It glows in sunlight!




And here's the pair sat together...


A pair of basic, shelf models that were a lot of fun to build. I got myself a Revell '67 convertible that I'll build as a proper detailed one at some point. You can't have too many Corvette models.

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7 hours ago, tkzwolf said:

Both look great.  Amazing how different you can build the same kit.

Very true. The gold car was nearly red earlier on. Something just didn't look right to me though.

In the end I stripped the finish off and started over with the gold and clear orange. The difference was amazing.




Using a sheet of red mirror finish art card with the new paintjob got an out of this world effect. I didn't follow that path as the background started to dominate the model. I think it's more suited to a full custom rather than a street and strip bruiser. I'll use it on another build or two later.

It sure was bright.  If the camera flash had fired I might well have been blinded!



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On 6/12/2022 at 1:29 AM, TonyW said:

The paint is Tamiya again. Gold base with clear orange over the top. It glows in sunlight!

Boy, I like that color.  Great job on this classic old kit. 

I pick up as many used kits at swap meets as I can.  These are great for parts!

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