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Happy Summer all,,,between mowing,yard fix up,,ect had some time to finish this "leftover parts box " Stang.  I think its the ol MPC "Pro Street Mustang" from years ago. It has "Fun Dimensions" cast on the bottom of chassis,,so looked around on web and the only  thing I could find was the MPC kit. It has the tilt nose front end,,but I attached the front ,,made it just a lift style setup.  The Mtr is from parts leftovers bx  as are the rims/tires,,axles,scratch built the wheelie bar set, egg crate grill,,and added some x-tra wing on back. And basic wiring  ect.   A 'what if" car,,but Ive seen some 1:1 vids on YT of similar cars. Fun cars indeed,,,now on to my brand new  MPC 72 chevy ramp truck,,looks like a fun one,,Cheers.  S











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Thanks guys,,looking at it now,,I should have dropped the front end a bit,,but  I didnt have the original front clip that came with the original kit,,had to cut one from a completely different chassis from the leftovers bx. And the front axle is a street rod style.  Which is why the mtr is so high overall, needing the round cutout hood,,,and I could have put a blower mtr in it,,but the duel quad looks ok too.  It sortof looks like the Malco gasser + the Multi-maverick FC  combined,,which looks good on the shelf!    Thnx for lookin.  S

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