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I have done a couple of exhaust systems using hollow plastic tubing and a length of brass rod inside to hold the shape when bent. You may still have problems depending on how tight of a turn you want such as making a roll bar setup. A hard 90 degree bend is pretty hard to do with out the plastic starting to crack and even break open on a real tight bend. Gentile bends seem to work just fine, but remember the brass rod can't be removed after bending. I have seen plastic rod that already has a rod inside but I think you would have the same problem depending on how tight of a bend you're trying to make. My suggestion would be to experiment with a solid plastic rod and use some light local heating to make your bends. A jig of you roll bar setup might be a good idea and remember when heating plastic there seems to be a very fine point of getting it hot enough to bend and not so hot that it starts to melt or even catch on fire. 

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.080” (x25) is 2” diameter in 1/25th scale or 1.92” diameter in 1/24th scale.

.100” is 2-1/2” diameter in 1/25th and 2.4” diameter in 1/24th. 
.080” is likely better, but either size would work. 3/32” is right in between them and probably only available as tubing.

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57 minutes ago, gary jackson said:


Cages and bars these days are usually 1 5/8"or 1 3/4", depending on class and speed.

1 3/4" is 1.75". Divided by 25, that gives you .070".

I notice the difference using .080", but it looks pretty good usually...and is usually what I use too.

But I think anything bigger looks wrong.

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