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“BUILDING THE COVERS “ Vol # 19 Bruce Larson’s 1970 Camaro Funny car

M W Elky

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This build was started by taking a old tan ertl era camaro body, and moving the front wheel wells forward. I filled in behind them with patch panels cut from a donor body. The chassis and body tin was donated by a mpc hot rod mustang funny car. The wheels are from a polar lights funny car. The white enamel paint is testors, decals by slixx. 
HAPPY 4th of JULY and as always thanks for looking ,A55E1C1B-9EF0-4606-92F7-1A794F76C058.thumb.jpeg.ea4e5aeb2d8034c3229fde7a5d179e41.jpeg0D6683C5-3D1D-46F6-815F-05E21A0EA987.thumb.jpeg.3a48d0fa4b6cba48eb85db625a01e043.jpegACBE5B74-D17D-476D-89E4-4855AEA77960.thumb.jpeg.f224f1c1569a9537276f5b6532fe00cd.jpegDC3D4C24-A460-4BFA-BF6D-97E5B03C7490.thumb.jpeg.7443e58f644a607cfc75eff762556f65.jpegEAF77FE3-E6AE-4496-A6A7-4B9146196065.thumb.jpeg.28a96d662cf2f0946e468f6bc7c51c01.jpegDD0E3B34-B6DE-4CDD-8190-546710CB40EB.thumb.jpeg.e1d926c9b4f3b18e7b7afc19259a6421.jpeg       Mike 

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22 hours ago, sflam123 said:

Beautiful model!!

If I may ask, what kit(s) did you start with to build this model??

The ertl amt 1970 camaro from the early 90’s body parts only, and the more recent mpc mustang funny car 

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