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Beauty is an attribute that this disgustingly long sentence will not possess, as it is going to be a convoluted mess with the only goal that has nothing to do with being pleasing to the eye, coincidentally enough, the Singer tower in NYC was laid to rest in the 1960s, for fear of being contaminated with moon germs brought back by that stinkin’ cow who just had to jump over it, resulting in a solar eclipse that lasted just long enough to make approximately half of Wisconsin throw away the booze, for they had not only seen enough, but the pyramids in Giza used to be covered in smooth limestone, with golden caps, but one would not learn that from the USDOT for reasons I’m not entirely sure why, although it would be cool to own a goldfish and see if it really does grow to an incredible size if left in an environment big enough to sustain such a large example, but alas, it wouldn’t survive the weekly fire drill, as fish don’t have legs and never will because they suck more than a Bissell over dirty carpet.

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