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Looong & Looow 33 Ford Roadster... "à la Coddington"

Claude Thibodeau

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Say what you want, Boyd and his numerous collaborators were a powerhouse for a while. I was mostly impressed by the string of unique coachbuilt cars that came out of his shop, via Marcel Delay Custom Metal in Corona. AMBR anyone? 

One car that floored me was the Ron Craft 33 roadster, precursor of the 33 Boydster as it may. And the unique IFS that Boyd created for Buz DiVosta Roadstar was impressive. So, why not pay hommage to all of the above?

Start with Monogram's ZZ Top coupe, discard the roof, put on AMT's 36 Ford roadster upper cowl, Monogram's 35 Mercedes hood, and FD100 powertrain + Phantom Vicky rollingstock & Dodge Sidewinder IRS (all extensively modified). Scratchbuild the frame, IFS, floorpan, beltline reveal, hoodsides, dash,interior, hinges, etc. And throw in a few parts box leftovers. Metallic gold with ghost flames, Molotow chrome, and VOILÀ! 

Hope you like it. It was a long and tedious built!


DSC01521 (2).JPG

DSC01523 (2).JPG

DSC01529 (2).JPG

DSC01532 (2).JPG

DSC01533 (2).JPG

DSC01535 (2).JPG

DSC01544 (2).JPG

DSC01536 (2).JPG

DSC01542 (2).JPG

DSC01550 (2).JPG

DSC01548 (2).JPG

DSC01551 (2).JPG

DSC01553 (2).JPG

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You really captured the Boyd look which I was very much attracted to back in the day. I did visit his shop in the late 1990's. The Smoothster was there which I think will go down in history as a very significant custom car along with a number of his other builds. 

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4 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

Always a joy to look at your builds Claude, Awesome paint job and the the precision of the details are a joy to look at, great work. I like the windshield.👍

Salut Mario!

Thanks. I stole the windshield idea from the famous Magoo of California. In the mid-80's, he built a red 29 roadster in the minimalist smooth style, and used the rear window from an old VW bug, slicing it mid-cowl. Everybody was lost as to what it came from. He revealed it a few years later. 


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Absolutely stunning build, Claude! I spent my teenage years in the 90s and was very much influenced by the creations that rolled out of Boyd Coddington´s shop! You perfectly captured the vibe of that era and used so many great parts to build this beauty! Imo, this one deserves an AMBR award!

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14 hours ago, Jantrix said:

Very impressive. Would have liked to see a WIP thread.

Hi Rob!

Thank you. For the WIP... I just don't have the patience to document and download every step. I admire those who do, and I did it a few times for commissionned work for magazines, but for my daily routine, I lack the fortitude... 


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