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1964 Ned Jarrett Ford


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13 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Man you're doing a whole lot of work on this Mark!!    

Thanks, Mike. I'm trying to do the minimum of what it takes to remove any trace of a street car left on it, that they didn't leave on it. The street car didn't have screws holding it together so I can leave those and I'm really looking forward to putting it together that way. It's so much easier using the screws.

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1 hour ago, Pierre Rivard said:

She's taking shape. I like what you have done with the most basic underbody. 

I look forward to seing the body cleared and decals. Should be awesome.

Thanks, Pierre, Yes, I'm hoping to do a better job with the clear, so I get a better overall finish this time from the sanding and polishing. The decals should hide some flaws. What's weird is it's been weeks since I put the paint on, but it still feels a little sticky to the touch, and acrylic is not supposed to feel that way. I'm thinking it might be the retarder I added, but I really didn't add that much. Oh well, I'll see what happens.



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2 hours ago, Nitrobarry said:

I like the idea of keeping it more of a "curbside" feel. I mean how many of us pop the hood to check the engine out or pick it up to see the chassis detail? Great project!

Thanks, Barry and the engine really doesn't look that much different from a street car except for the air cleaner.

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This is the body after the first coat of clear. I rubbed it with 6000,8000, and 12000 polishing pads before applying the clear. the clear has not been polished yet. I think I will just polish it with Novus and see how it looks and go from there. The frame is pretty much done except where the exhaust sticks out through the body.





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7 minutes ago, Pierre Rivard said:

I like how you added much realism to this basic 1 piece underbody/chassis. Looks really nice.

If I understand right you polished the color coat before you put on the clear layer? That's different from how I do it but looks like you are making it work.

Yes, I polished it with the sanding pads, but very lightly. I did not want to go through to the primer.

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The completely different, which was daubing the paint, did not work at all, so I just mixed up another batch of blue and thinned it 150% and the paint flowed much better. I will lightly sand and then put another coat of clear which I will thin 100 % and then try the polishing step again. The directions for the clear say to thin it sparingly, whatever that means. 

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5 hours ago, Pierre Rivard said:

I hope you find a way through this issue and not lose this great build. PM me if there is anything I can do to help.

Thanks, Pierre, but I think it's going to be good as its gonna get and I'm going to finish this baby. I've put too much work in it to scrap it now, even if it needs to be. Just hold your nose when you look at the final pictures. 

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37 minutes ago, Pierre Rivard said:

Looks fine on there pictures. Look forward to see it polished and decaled.

Thanks, Pierre. I think when its finally finished it will look okay. The future floor finish always tends to make things look better. 

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This group of pictures is after polishing with the Novus. you can't really see too much difference between the last group of pictures but in person the finish does seem smoother and more reflective then after the clear alone. I think the future will improve it just a little bit better. We shall see. When I get the model completely finished, I will mix up a batch of blue and touch up the little, tiny chips that always appear after the model is completely finished. The chips are so tiny they are barely discernable. I will probably need a sharpened toothpick to apply the paint to them.







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