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Amt 69 Torino 428 "King- T "


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  Hey all,,hope the summers good for ya,,A recent kit from HL,,w/a few mods.   Got this for 17$ on there 40% off week,,so not too bad. Rattlecan  sprayed w/testors quikdry,,and some decals from leftover bx as are rims + tires. Scratch built front chin spoiler,,tach from leftover bx. Kindof a spin off of the King Cobra drag cars from the day,,a  "what if car"..  can never have   enough  Torinos,,  Build on !











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Thanks guys,,you guys rock also,,many great works on here.  Lookin at it now,,I should have called it   "MR-T"  instead.  I was going to do window trim,,but it looked cool without it.   One drawback of the kit is,,if you look at underside pic,,you can see the rear axle just behind the diff,,had to drill axle holes further back to fit wheel well centers,,and I cut alot of material to open the rear wells + chassis by leaf springs also.  Forgot to mention,,the carb intake stacks are Revell 1/12 scale motorcycle exsaust  tips.  And the entire  outer  perimeter of chassis went on a diet,, dremmeled  1/8th inch all the way around,,so I didnt have to fight the body  when installed,,it just "dropped" in after that.  So,,its a cool one for the shelf,,gotta do a diorama soon,,,HUmmmm,,,,?  Thanks for the views + comments ,,,,Build on!   S

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I dig it, looking pretty mean.  Love the colors & striping, it all works well together.  I've built one (stock) and have another lurking in the stash with no plans, maybe I'll go your route with it, it's inspiring me a bit.  Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the comments,,there was probably more I could   have  done with it,,wheelie bars,parachute,,ect  but it looks decent with what it has.,,now on to my AMT 68" Camaro,,w/a blower motor,,whoo hoo!   Mint green metallic.   Thanks again  Build on!

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Thanks so much guys,,I wish it had the  separate  rear end and driveline + shocks,,but hey its from back when tooling,,but still a fun kit to,do,,,  and now up on the bench,,,,,AMT 68 Camaro,,,,,build on!


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On 8/29/2022 at 9:41 PM, Lobo2me said:

Let's go racing! Nice job!!!

Heck yea!  Thanks for the comments all.  Would love to drop the clutch at 6500 RPM in this Torino,,,better yet  install a Boss 9 mtr in it,,fiberglass quarters+ hood,,plexaglass  windows  ect,,make it a "lightweight" torino!  I can hear tires squealin already!  Thanks all ,enjoy everybodys works on here. S

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