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Deora Bed Cover


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17 minutes ago, unclescott58 said:

Hey guys. I’m looking the “bed cover” for AMT’s Deora show car. Part #38. Mine is warped. And I warped it more in trying to fix it. Is there anyone out with a straight out that they might be willing to part with? 

I've got a few parts left from mine. Can you post a picture? I'll check but it probably won't be until the weekend.

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3 hours ago, RancheroSteve said:

For what it's worth, the kit part (which is only in some issues) isn't an accurate representation of the real Deora bed cover.


But in any case, not that difficult to make with some sheet plastic, which is what I did:

650 Deora LF high.jpg

Beautiful. But, beyond my skills. 

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It dawned on me, after I posted this request, that maybe Round 2 themselves may still have the part. So I through their replacement parts form online, I put in the request. And guess what? I got the new, un-warped, replacement part in today’s mail. 

I do want to thank Lei above. A few days after I put in the parts request with Round 2, he PMed me, offering to make one for me! I really appreciated his offer. I always amazed by people like Lei and others here, who offer to help with things like that. 

Thank you Round 2. And again, thank you Lei. 



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