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BMW 630 CS


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Just finished this one. It’s Heller’s 1/43 scale BMW 630 CS. A nice little model of a beautiful car. I only really had one (okay two) minor problem with it. I was missing two parts. One, the driver’s side outside mirror. Not a big deal to me. The other, the right side front turn signal light. I put out a request to see if anyone had a spare. I got no response. So I  decided to try making one. What I did was just filled in the area were the turn signal mounted with clear canopy glue. Had to build it up a layer at a time, until I got the results I was looking for. Then I painted it with Testors’ Turn Signal Amber. Does it look as good as the actual part used on the left side? No. But, it’s not bad. And better than nothing. 

Interesting, despite this kit not having an opening hood. Or any under hood detail. It does come with an engine. Why? I don’t know. You can kind of see it, if look in through the front wheel wells. A useless feature, but, I built and added it anyway. 







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An update on this one. Then I finished this kit, something just didn’t look quite right about the front end of the car. Today, I was looking around my work area and I found out why. The kit came with a chrome piece to go on the top of the front bumper, I had completely forgotten about it. I’ve had this kit for while, and at one point forgot to put the part back in the box with the rest of kit. And not reading the instructions, I completely forgot the part even existed. Not even noticing it was missing. But yet, in the back of my mind something didn’t look right with the finished product. So here it is, with the missed piece in it’s rightful place. I think it helps improve the look of the model. 



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