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1936 Bugatti Type 57SC #57383


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13 hours ago, Bugatti Fan said:

Tim, you have made a lovely job of improving the Franklin Mint model.

Incidentally, Pyro made a plastic kit in 1/32nd scale back in the 60's I think.I

Burago made a die cast model of a Bugatti Coupe in 1/24th scale from the same era with a different body style.

Thank you, Noel! Yes, I have several of the Burago coupes. I'll be using them to replicate #57591, the Richard Pope coupe as it appeared before Ralph Lauren changed it, and #57473, the Jack Holtzschuch Coupe.

Atlantic 57S sn57591_a i.jpg

1936 Atlantic 57S sn57473 ca.jpg

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Excellent re-build and improving the details. I have been a Bugatti fan for many years and saw 22 at Watkins Glen Historic this year. Regarding the piano hinge, there used to be a company that made piano hinges for 24th and 43rd cars as I had one several years ago, that might be a solution to the large hinge on the hood. 

Thanks for sharing your work :) 

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Bburago made a pretty faithful 1:18 diecast of Rodney Clarke's road-modified T59 Bugatti  (actually closer to 1:14). The biggest challenges to accuracy are making the chain assembly for the brakes and the piano wire wheels (I got one of the last sets that were made by the only source I know). However, there are 1:32 kits, available with replacement wheels for the Bugatti Tank.  

Bugatti T59 59124 at speed copy.png

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