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Don the SANKE Prudhomme’s Pepsi Challenger Omni funny car

M W Elky

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I’ve had this resin Omni funny car body all painted, and decalel for quite sometime now. I always figured I would find a chassis to fit. Thankfully Atlantis reissued the Tom McCwen 1957 Chevy funny car. This kits chassis fit really well with only a few modifications  . Which included moving the engine back, cutting a little off the front of the chassis, moving the front wheels back , and trimming the interior tin where it fits over the chassis. This kit is a very reasonably priced to use for a chassis donor. I think it looks pretty close to being period correct for a late 70’s to mid 80’s flopper 

thanks for looking,   Mike 25EBF2CD-A355-4AC9-9B5B-0BCF5A0A2736.thumb.jpeg.ec97ea1cab2287a654b021fb99bdd349.jpeg9E156243-977C-4C92-92DD-E2B96A5C68D7.thumb.jpeg.2fd3b6f87e016819b6ba2663b39881c2.jpeg090D7410-8777-43EF-90E4-BB4F59A0B35C.thumb.jpeg.e2b118039736352485dc7a1fd157ac4f.jpegF2CF1803-D44F-4381-9C1D-27E4919061B7.thumb.jpeg.c53326603c4e8aa17c39faf52176f366.jpeg9FD7C3B9-968E-4D97-B99C-EEDD54612897.thumb.jpeg.8dbb608ca83a82c513eb6ad9441c1762.jpegEAE80E01-5CE9-42D7-9500-CA34BF641E67.thumb.jpeg.de5d7e5ee469b0a36efab2c2ba6c8120.jpeg

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