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In the meantime, the Manx and its brethren were getting more and more varied. 

 A custom named "Bugs Buggy". March 1970


Manx SR from HRM May 1970. I would totally build this either as a model or 1:1. Does anyone make a model version?


HRM September 1970 featuring the "buggies" available at the time.


Sportsland Unlimited versions from HRM March 1971


p.s. HRM May 2013 had a really good retrospective on the Manx buggies.

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Also based on the VW chassis and drivetrain were some really interesting sporting vehicles.

I remember the Bradley GT quite well as a couple of my high school buddies built one. This one is pictured in an ad from HRM January 1973


Another popular one from that era; the Laser 917. HRM January 1973


But this one I saw in a little photo from HRM June 1972 I did not recognize. It was called the "Brubaker Box", and didn't really fit any particular genre - the closest being part minivan (albeit years ahead of its time). 


It turns out Brubaker only made 3 of these, and a subsequent company named AutoMecca made another 25. Thus, this is one rare bird.


Wouldn't it be fun to build some of these vehicles in scale? 

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The Japanese imports also went racing in the US, and there were teams by both Datsun and Toyota. This ad from HRM May 1972 illustrates how well the Datsun/ BRE team of Peter Brock was doing by then.


I know models and diecasts of these vehicles are still readily available today. BTW; Peter Brock is still alive and well and running both his BRE and AeroVault trailer businesses out of Las Vegas. I have met and had lunch with him a couple of times, and found him to be a wealth of information, as well as a genuine gentleman. As for his compatriot Carroll Shelby, he had contracted with Toyota to take their 2000GT's racing. However, after one disappointing year, Toyota apparently pulled the plug on the venture. Had they stuck it out, it might have been interesting to see how those cars would have fared, and just how many more 2000GT's might have been sold in the States.


Toyota might have been better off had they fielded their racing Celicas of the time, as they did quite well in Asia. HRM July 1973


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American car manufacturers were continuing to show their concepts, and a couple of beauties were from Ford and AMC.

The Mustang Milano showed the shape of things to come for that model. 


The AMC AMX/3 sadly never saw production. HRM June 1970


I know there is one gentleman who makes resin bodies of the AMX3 which he occasionally sells on e-bay, and I recently bought this vehicle in 1:18 scale myself. What a gorgeous car it is!

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HRM November 1971 had this ad of an Opel 1900 Sport Coupe sold apparently through Buick dealerships in the US. I had never seen this vehicle before, and find it to be an exquisite design. 


Elsewhere, the Ford of Europe Capri was being imported and sold via Mercury dealerships here in the US. This vehicle I remember quite fondly as a teenager at the time. HRM March 1972


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A small photo of an interesting looking top fuel dragster in HRM October 1972 turned out to be quite the stunner. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/jockos-streamliner.874282/ has a great write-up with photos on this earlier version of the racer known as "Jocko's streamliner" with its Allison V-12 airplane engine.


This appears to be a later iteration, also beautiful in its own right.


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From HRM January 1973 was this blurry little sales ad of a car called the "Assimetrica Chrysler Ghia". 


It looked vaguely familiar to me, and better pictures were far more revealing.


It, in fact, turned out to be the brother to the Plymouth XNR penned by Virgil Exner.


Until this ad, I didn't even know the vehicle existed!

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On 11/22/2022 at 6:35 PM, ea0863 said:

The 1960's just seemed to explode with fantasy creations by George Barris, Gene Winfield, and many others. For those looking to build the myriad models of these vehicles, here are a few articles for reference:

Barris Surf Woody. HRM April 1965


Various other Barris creations, including Out of Sight ZZR, Fireball 550, and the Batmobile. HRM June 1966


Tom McCurry 4 engined Wagon-Master. HRM September 1966


And Boot Hill Express. HRM March 1967


@Nacho Z totally nailed Boot Hill Express in his recent build!!!

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I have a bit of a soft-spot for the Chevy Laguna, partially because of its styling and performance at the time, but mostly because of the very memorable eight hour joyride I once took in one. I think I was 13 at the time :) 


HRM October 1973

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A short blurb about the "Titan" in HRM November 1973


It appears to have been a Ford Thunderbird rebodied along the lines of Virgil Exner's neo-classic Renwal Revival Stutz and Pierce Arrow, designed by George Barris, and marketed by Sammy Davis Jr. 

1972 Ford Thunderbird


Renwal Revival Stutz by Virgil Exner


Renwal Revival Pierce Arrow by Pierce Exner - photo of model built by our own @realgone58


George Barris design of the Titan



I am personally a fan of the neo-classical look that Exner introduced since it had a large effect on the Chryslers, Fords, and GM's of the 70's.

BTW; another iteration of the Titan that I ran across had such a beautiful paintjob that I felt the need to include it here. 



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HRM December 1973 also had an article about the DKW W2000 rotary engined motorcycle. Wouldn't it be fun to ride such a rare little beast, or at least build it in scale? I have always been fond of the Wankel rotary engine - even having owned a lawnmower powered by one in the 80's :) 


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And speaking of rotary engines, an article from the same issue on the Corvette Experimental XP-897 and XP-882 (later to be warmed over as the Aerovette). Having built a number of Revell Aerovettes in 1:25th scale, I can attest to them being a really fun project. I also have the Lindberg Aerovette in 1:18th (?) scale which appears to be more basic and which I have yet to build.


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I totally love these drawings done by Harry Bradley of fantasy Ford roadster deliveries. These illustrations will definitely have to go in my library.



The third drawing in particular caught my attention as reminiscent of the 1930 Bentley Speed Six.


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