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Anyone ever painted a kit with Tamiya X-34 Metallic Brown?

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8 minutes ago, 1972coronet said:

I'd be interested in knowing what base and/or colour primer was used under that X-34. Likewise, I'd like to know if it's available in their aerosol line.

Sadly, Metallic Brown is only available as the acrylic paint X-34. It is not included in the TS line, nor up to this point in the LP line. When I taught model kit building as an after school program, we built, the then new Tamiya 350Z kit. We painted it Metallic Brown directly on unprimed plastic. It looked surprisingly like the factory colour LeMans Sunset.

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1 minute ago, 1972coronet said:

Thanks for the info. I should've looked for 'XS-34' instead my just guessing/hoping.

The numeric portion of the LP paint name, does not transfer over from the acrylic line. One of my most used colours, Semi-Gloss Black is X-18 as acrylic. In the LP line it is LP-5. The TS version is TS29. Go figure! LOL

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29 minutes ago, 1972coronet said:

Delightful colour on a wonderful build! 
Is that over primer or a base colour?
If so, what colour primer, what colour base?

Thanx! It's Tamiya Gray primer, Tamiya TS-21 Gold and Tamiya TS-92 Metallic Orange covered with TS-13. This model shows both colors.


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