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BRBO2022 GMC General

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15 minutes ago, Jim B said:

Nice looking General, Gary.  Very well done.  Is that a Chevrolet Bowtie on the grill surround? 

The GMC logo that came in the kit was garbage, short shot or incomplete. I have purchased two GMC models trying to steal something but no luck. I just used red paint to fill the molded in void for now until I find something. Got a couple buddies looking thru their spare parts to help me out. 

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10 hours ago, Gary Chastain said:

Good tip, I will go look. 

Looks like one of the PE detail sets for the COE has badges.  Kinda expensive but my experience with CTM PE has been nothing but good.  ST Supply looks like them stock them, Jamie might have them also.

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37 minutes ago, wayne00 said:

I really enjoyed this build.

Of course I voted for myself in the BRBO.

If it wasn’t for that this would have gotten my vote.


Thanks Roger, but your build was pretty tough to beat. I kinda broke down my vote into; fabrication, modifications, detailing, color/finish, weathering/wear and picture quality. I didn’t vote for myself. 

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Thanks for the vote of confidence!!
After following the builds all year long and tracking how good all these trucks were I was actually not very confident that I would get any votes.

So I had to make sure I got at least one.

Seriously, After going through all of the builds, as I was getting everything ready for the vote thread, is when it hit me just how good all of the entries actually were!!!
In my opinion the 13 other entries are some of the best trucks to appear on this forum.

It just still irks me that the voting participation was so low.


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