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1/12th Scale 69 Camaro Top Sportsman Suspension and chassis jig.

Ian McLaren

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Found the finish, Mica Silver, gloss black stripes overcoated with Pearl Clear. This is the test hood not polished, but I am super happy with the effect.   The pearl in the close ups makes the finish look rough on the test hood but it isn't, it could stand to be polished though to bring out some additional shine.  From a distance the stripes still look black, the effect is quite subtle except in bright sunshine




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17 hours ago, Tortuga Kustomz said:

I love how the pearl looks on it, are you going to do black stripes to the other hood too? that will be a lot of work for sure

Thanks Marcos, Yes the stripes are on the other hood now, it took a good portion of yesterday to mask everything, especially under the front of the scoop keeping the lines straight.  I had one minor masking issue, but it was on the deck lid and was a simple repair. As far as paint goes only a couple of decals need to be installed ( I designed them last night) and put the clear on (no more masking) and then polish.


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On 8/30/2023 at 3:59 PM, John B. said:

Beautiful paint!

Thank you very much John, here is the same hood after additional clear and sanded with 3000 grit and first polish, the rest of the car has been recleared and is sitting to cure the paint for a light sand and polish. Also inner door panels ready to go on. It's getting very close




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I have heard it said it takes a village to raise a child. I would argue
that that the same holds true for building a model, as I will illustrate
in this post.The number of people and organizations involved with this
model is a case in point. In no particular order Jeff Faris who designed
and machined the front and rear wheels and rear slicks to specifically
fit this vehile with the A/M rear end I was using. Nick Bradshaw who
basically saved the concept of this model with his NOS fogger nozzels,NOS
tanks and mounting stand and those fantastic Morosso valve covers. Speaking
of fantastic parts the guys at LPH1320 hit it out of the park with 1/12th
BBC and mind blowing 1/12th scale Dominator carbs. Slick Rides, Wayde
Leslie Ron Conacor all were a great help when it came to advise in painting
this thing. Critical advise also came fromt Bob Mandel (chassis), Daniel
Himmel (general modeling tips and advise), Marcos Fernandes (alternate
approaches to issues) as his project was a very similar style of model.
RB Motion forfittings that look exactly like the real thing. Local racers
Tom and Cathy Meheden and Charles Marsh both allowed me access to their
nationally competative cars coupled with advise and explanations of how things
are done on the real thing. Ron OLsen was also critical to me finishing
this project with first his printed parts(grill,transmission, door frames
and the rear differential) and then mentoring my taking the plunge into
3D printing. I also want to mention Tim Fink who over the past few years
has been my sounding board when my confidence or common sense has left
the building. Finally it's everyone who looks at,likes or comments on our
posts that especially, on a long project supply the motivation to continue
to completion.Some say that modeling is a solitary hobby but I think it
is anything but.
THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!IMG_0057.JPG.792e8db850792cc40a231147b8aa65ca.JPGIMG_0083.JPG.68b0df44283a31dbda49fc20ace6de86.JPGIMG_0084.JPG.df4a78ee45bf1ec89c99364def063003.JPGIMG_0085.JPG.b918fea5ad941a3fb196c2fa16ffd3e0.JPGIMG_0086.JPG.ba608340485493a9ede70ef1db0496d8.JPGIMG_0087.JPG.0f2488dcd4f8c1e7fdce784aa3ff1130.JPGIMG_0088.JPG.4e5dd90e4f7f6688a464453a95e78c0c.JPGIMG_0089.JPG.2220af1dbea243ad0e595dde9ffb695b.JPGIMG_0091.JPG.e2dfd9b6f5dc1cd5daca52b5f04a9b80.JPGIMG_0092.JPG.7986b75d167d386a7099d222e7aa5d7c.JPGIMG_0093.JPG.c00326e78df9070ec98dca512f480256.JPGIMG_0094.JPG.e07c72a21ef6c9826a26968228530aac.JPGIMG_0095.JPG.7e22c9f99dcd22e08f938551fdac97d8.JPGIMG_0096.JPG.9ed108432b1f3e415d9df2e1ed560e04.JPG
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Simply amazing Ian! You should be proud brother, I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes to see a project of this caliber all the way through to the end. I would’ve gotten burned out on it but you did not. You deserve a break today, brother. Thanks for the inspiration - Mark.

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