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1/12th Scale 69 Camaro Top Sportsman Suspension and chassis jig.

Ian McLaren

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Substancial upgrade to the wheel department on the Camaro. Again thanks to Jeff Faris. Now the front suspension can be designed and fabricated. Just another example of the Faris magic. Jeffs machining has be a major contributing factor in the sucess and realisum of most of my recent models and I am truly thankful for his help


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There has been quite a bit of discussion on the end look of the car, notibly the stripe color. I have an extra hood which is going to be stripped and cut open for a future blown alcohol drive train upgrade anyway so a quick test was run and the black stripes are here to stay.

IMG_0053 (2).JPG

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6 hours ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

The headers are simply perfect Ian! 👌

Thanks Francis, with the clearances involved they have gone as far as I can take them.  I know they will fit fine but until most of the major bits are mounted permanently I can't set the final angles as the clearances are just too tight to guess at, especially on the drivers side, the steering and the drysump pump are almost certain to cause an issues and the steering clears the headers now by only mm's so any change could cause some head scratching. Back to the top side of the engine.

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Thanks Daniel, I'm happy with the headers so far, the Nitrous fogger stage was a major challenge still a bit of tweaking to do but it's there.  Have to run the fuel and Nitrous feed lines, still debating putting on the Viper second stage in plenum nitrous system. Then there is the carburetor fuel lines and throttle linkage to deal with. A blown alcohol motor would gave been sooo much easier. 

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Busy today, I was mistakenly thinking I was approaching the point that I could start considering assembling this beast in the near future so I decided to take stock of where I'm actually at. Not even close, here is the partial list of required things left and this does not include actual assembly or refinishing.  I did make some progress as the last thing I added to the list is now ready to put on the car. The line lock and its bracket can be crossed off the list and I have checked the fit with the also scratch built master cylinder

                69 Camaro Punch List  

        Gap between lower valance and bumper
        Finish upper cowl panel
        Refine rear spoiler
        Hole in rear for parachute attachment point
        Mount rear bumper
        Remove mold line in roof
        Windshield and rear window
        Windshield support braces
        Quarter windows and frames
        Secure deck lid
        Remove right fender Camaro emblem
        Lower edges of front valance extensions
        Upper front valance left low spots (2)
        Cut out right door
        Adjust body mount holes right side
        Fab parachutes, mounts, cables  and install on the body        
        Hole for master cut off control rod

        Redo hinges
        Fab inner door panels
        Fab inner door release handles
        Fab window supports
        Fab side windows
        Add magnets to doors


        Detail and install floor pans        
        Finish dash display, fill gaps around cage
        Steering wheel, switches and cables
        Seat belt mounts
        Finish seat and mounts    
        Seat belts
        Master switch panel fab wire and mount
        Parachute release handle
        Power grid shelf and wiring
        Electonics boxed and wiring    
        Install firewall panels and front fender stuffers
        Install rear block off panels
        Install pedal assemblies
        Install delay box and wiring
        NOS assemblies and hoses
        Mount shifter to center consol and shift cable


        Fab and install rear parachute mounting bracket
        Install guides for all cables and lines
        Install battery grounding lug
        Install Master cut off switch support bracket
        Fab and install wheel tubs
        Fab and install trunk close off panels
        Fab and install additional rear body supports
        Fab and install front driveshaft loop
        Seat belt mounts
        Firewall panels
        Front body support structure


        Fab and secure front engine mounting plate    
        Electric water pump
        Pulley for dry sump pump
        Distributor and wire set
        Starter and wiring
        Dry sump oil pump and hoses
        Dry Sump Tank
        Steering shaft and U-joints
        Fuel Logs and hoses
        Throttle linkage
        Rad hoses
        Coil mount on firewall


        Mount fuel pump hoses and tank
        Fuel pressure sensor and wire
        Steering rack inner and outer tie rod ends
        Master cylinder and Lines
        Front coil springs
        Caliper mounts
        Brake lines to calipers
        Fab line lock and mounting bracket




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