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390 cu. in. engine

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The 390 is a member of the Ford FE engine family, all of which are visually similar (except the 427 SOHC "cammer", which is built on an FE block, but uses special heads).

A fine opportunity to learn more:    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_FE_engine

There are lots of FE engines in kits, and the ancient Revell parts pack 427 pushrod version will build up to represent a 390 very well.

NOS Revell Monogram Parts Paks Accessories Chrome Ford 427 V-8 Engine ...

EDIT: It's always a good idea to research photos of the particular application you want to model, as there are some relatively minor differences in appearance...like valve covers, intakes, etc.


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A Ford FE engine is not hard to find at all as most of the model kits with Ford big block engines has a FE, displacement wise it doesn't matter as all are visually the same except for small details.
The best FE engine I have seen so far is the one in the AMT 1960 Ford Galaxie and the 2 'n 1 and Custom versions has many engine options with different intake and exhaust manifolds.

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On 11/29/2022 at 7:50 AM, paul alflen said:

The1/25th Amt 1934 ford pickup has one in it. The block and engine are all chrome in the older issues of this release (Street rod series, Hillbilly tow truck)

Two early AMT 'Trophy Series' Ford FE engines from 1962 and '63:

Left: 1961-62 Ford FE390 from the AMT (and Lindberg) '34 Ford Pickup kits. It was an all-chrome engine in the kits but I stripped and painted this one in stock colors for fun.

Right: 1962-63 Ford FE406 hot rod mill from the AMT '32 Ford Victoria kits. The original kit called it a "427" which was new in 1963 and... why not. It's still an FE.

(I would agree that the Ford FE352 in the AMT (Ertl) '60 Ford Starliner kit is the best 1/25 scale FE engine. The engine in the AMT (Ertl) '62 Thunderbird kits is a 390.

The AMT (Ertl) '66 Fairlane 427 and '67 Comet Cyclone GT 390 FEs are good mentions too.)


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