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SVE T-Bird


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20 hours ago, SpikeSchumacher said:

Looking really good Greg!


Thank You!

19 hours ago, Tcoat said:

Just do like most restomods do and relocate the battery to the trunk. That way all you need to do is run some wires up to the firewall. The MC can just get dropped a bit to clear the intake tubes.

Thanks. For I think I can squeeze a smaller one in. The kit battery is oversized (14 scale inches).

19 hours ago, Dragline said:

This should be one serious bird.

I like where it is going and the work is excellent.


9 hours ago, slusher said:

Fantastic work so far Greg!

Thank You Carl.

9 hours ago, JollySipper said:

Pro-Touring Thunderbird! Most excellent idea..........  :D

Have you thought about trying to incorporate the Mustang front bumper onto the front of the T Bird? Kinda like an airdam or something........

Thanks for the suggestion.  I’m not well versed in what all is required to be considered Pro-Touring. I will research it a bit, but this will likely just be a slightly modified T-Bird. I know that proper details or lack of them irks some Purists, but I am just doing this for fun and will never win any contests.🙂

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23 hours ago, Dave72 said:

Great looking build so far! Really like what you did with the interior! I have this very same kit in the works. (On the shelf with the rest of my in progress builds) This is my inspiration. 


That is a really slick looking T-bird. Thanks…I just may take some cues from that one.🙂

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Thanks John. And thanks Dave for posting that beautiful piece of artwork!😬 I was going to leave the body mostly stock…..but now I am trying to emulate that beauty.🤪 I have shaved the door handles and script, and filled in all the creases. I haven’t decided whether to remove the fender skirts yet?🤔


I decided to more or less french the front turn signals.



Now I am removing the continental spare and started to fix the bumper….but I will likely wind up making a complete bumper from 0.156” half round?



I want to lower the bumper just a tad and need to add a roll pan underneath, so this is where I’m at. A bit of filing and shaping to be done now.😎



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I’ve been tinkering with this one a bit, and decided to remove the fender skirts. I didn’t like the raw fender openings though and felt that they needed a flare to match the front. At first I traced the opening and tried cutting some flares from sheet stock…but It wasn’t working out.😕 Then I came up with this idea. I glued a half round “tube” of .010” styrene sheet across the rear fender openings. Then I completed both flares on the outside before cutting away the excess in the center. The pics explain it better I think.🙂










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I also stripped the rear taillight bezels, drilled them out, and molded them into the fenders. Then I made some new lens from a busted taillight I found somewhere.🤪 They are a bit too transparent, so I will eventually “glue” them in place with some dark red paint I think.🧐 The backup light lens I plan to make from a water bottle cap.🤔






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I‘ve also been toying with hood hinges. I’d like to do a set similar to what I saw on Rod’s ‘55 Chevy at the last club meeting.🙂 I realize that the pivot points will need to be parallel, and this whole apparatus would need to be downsized a fair bit, but I’m not sure even then if I have enough free space under the hood once the engine is back in place.🧐  I’ll keep playing with it between other projects…thanks for lookin’!🤪

Edit: If anyone has pics of this type of hinge setup or links to a tutorial…please post ‘em up. Thx!🙂






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On 12/5/2023 at 4:27 PM, Unatural said:

Very cool. I'll be following this one.


On 12/5/2023 at 11:50 PM, slusher said:

Outstanding fab work Greg, I read this build tred again…

Glad you’re enjoying it Carl!🙂

7 minutes ago, Slotto said:

Nice engineering on that hood hinge!

Thanks, but they don’t actually work properly as they are.🥴 I first need to build a better set… then determine if I even have space for them underhood.

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