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'32 Ford 3-Window Coupe Hot Rod

Rocking Rodney Rat

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With advent of the new Revell roadster (based off of the Rat Roaster) and new parts, there are even more more options for kitbashing with the series of kits. Revell has been very consistent with sizing over each variation of the iconic 1932 Ford (90 years old this year!!!) which allows an limitless variety of parts mixing and matching. Of particular interest in the new roadster are the Limefire style headers.

I originally chopped this body when it first came out in the mid 90s. The build hasn't fared so well over the years with a couple of moves and all. I found it in a box recently and was pleasantly surprised how well the chop was done, so I decided to strip the paint and incorporate it into a new build.

-Body: Revell 1932 Ford Coupe, chopped

-Hood sides are 3-row louvers with the bottom row shaved off and a slot cut for the headers (from several versions of the Revell '32 kits). Louvered hood is a resin item from Jason Lookabill (very cool). I did have to add 0.040" to the length of the hood and sides for a proper fit. 

-Frame: from the new roadster kit, with kits' 9" rear end, front axle is the I-beam from the Revel Model A series of kits. 

-Engine: SBC from the new roadster with a 2x3 manifold and Rochester 2C carbs from the Revell Model A series. Spark Arrestor air filters from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. 

-Interior: resin tuck n' roll from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. Stock 3W dash.

-Tires from Modelhaus, wheels are AMT from the parts box.

-Paint is Tamiya TS-60 Pearl Green with MinWax polyurethane clear, black accent color. 

-A few other odds and ends and bit of pieces added to the mix......


More pix and build-up pix here: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/32-three-window-coupe-/ 

Thanks for checking it out..... -RRR

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42 minutes ago, Bill Knobbe aka (obe) said:

How do you apply polyurethane? Looks great.

I apply the polyurethane with an airbrush. It's enamel, so it will not craze decals, as lacquer frequently will. A few words of caution, as an enamel, you can not paint over it with lacquer, unless you like crazing, not usually desirous. I have found that if I tape over the polyurethane, the paint will pull the polyurethane off. 

Minwax 31900 1G Gloss Fast Dry Polyurethane 350 VOC | HD Supply 

This is the can. I buy the small 8 oz. can. It will usually dry up before I can use it all. Lowe's have it, I don't think Home Depot does. Works for me..... -RRR

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Brother, you hit this one out of the park!  You're batting 1000 and delivering every time at the plate!! 

For me it's always in the details.  From top to bottom: Period Perfect Chop; Every Color Choice Used Complements the Coupes' Lines; Proper Stance, Not Too Low in the Front; Street able Show Car Quality Undercarriage; White Pleated Bench with Matching Piping Interior & Double Wide Whitewalls on all 4 Corners!  

Thank you for the ride once again!  It's always enjoyable and informative watching over your shoulder, Brother!! -KK

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Truly an excellent build. I love the chop, the stance, the powertrain enhancements, the hood mods (to go around the headers), rad support rods. The paint choice is very nice. Your work goes together just right for a nice period look.


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