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McLaren M8B

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I haven't finished a model in quite a while and it feels good to have something under glass. This is a MPC kit and the fit is reasonable but certainly not like Tamiya kits. Paint and clear are Scale Finishes. This was a learning experience using base coat and clears and I'm not really satisfied with the finish. The side number decals were really hard to work with. There are a number of mistakes but my skills never were great and as I age, they aren't improving. But it is what it is and I'm over beating myself up over results. Just trying to have fun building again and accepting the results.





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Very good looking McLaren, Tom - but this is not the M8B, but the M8D which was never driven in a race by Bruce McLaren (he died before the 1970 CanAm season while testing ths car at Goodwood).

So beside Denny Hulme, Dan Gurney drove the first 3 races for McLaren, then Peter Gethin took over for the rest of the season.

By the way, as Rich mentioned above, we builders are our own worst critics because we are never content with our work but I can't see anything wrong with it - even the paint finish is perfect. I have 2 of these in my stash  and hope they turn out as nice as yours.

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