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Tribute to 1966 Le Mans 1, 2, 3 Finish

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Took a break from kit bashing to build the Ford GT40s from the historic 1966 1,2,3 Le Mans finish. The last pic below was the running order before Ford turned the moment into a publicity stunt that cost Ken Miles the win. 











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On 1/11/2023 at 9:31 AM, Rich Chernosky said:

Steve...all three are very fine looking models. A great tribute. Couple of questions:  did you fix the stance on the front of the Meng models...yours look great...mine not so much. The gold color on the number 5 is tough to get to look right...what did you use ?

Hi Rich;

Sorry for the slow response on this one...couldn't find what paint had I used on the #5....it was Testors Extreme Lacquer, Pure Gold (rattle can) over a black base. But can't recall if it was two or three coats. You are right, the proper shade is not easy to achieve....this was the closes.

Getting the proper stance on the two Meng's wasn't easy, the Fujumi kit wasn't bad. I lowered the fronts and the rears on the two Mengs by inverting the front wishbones and tweaking the rears which I discovered with the first kit (car #2). The stance bugged me so much I went back in and did the surgery. I built the #1 car with the front wishbones upside down and moved the rears up slightly (so the car would sit lower) from the start.

All the best,


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