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Gold or Brass colored plating look....???

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If you have intact chrome plating on the parts you can airbrush Tamiya clear yellow with a tiny amount of Tamiya smoke mixed in to approximate gold over the chrome. When kit manufacturers did "gold plating" back in the day it was a clear lacquer over the kit chrome plating. 

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Should the parts you're trying to color need to be painted rather than foiled, a few colors to consider for brush painting. Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf would give you a color as the name implies and with a dash of Smoke to detail would resemble a Carb. with a gold finish. X-31 Titan Gold is a much lighter shade but with a metallic finish. X-33 Bronze is a darker brown metallic finish. X-34 Metal Brown is a little lighter shade than the Bronze color and is still a metallic finish. I always look at the bottom of the paint jar before buying since it will give you an idea of what the color may look like based on the pigment settled on the bottom.  

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Thanks guys.  This is a special project some parts are chromed already and others not....ether way I ether have to come up with plated parts in the colors or figure out how to do it myself..?   I need everything possible with the gold/brass color plated look on it.   Will be a prince coach on steroids the more wild and ornate the better for it.

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