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Getting ready to start my build. The paint will be a combination of Duplicolor black and Rust-Oleum metallic Rose Gold. Also adding custom intakes and exhaust. I am going to try to incorporate the decals from the re-released 378 from a few years ago.









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On 2/5/2023 at 2:33 PM, Chariots of Fire said:

Hey Brian.  I'd check to see if the Rustoleum and Duplicolor paints are compatible before putting them on that nice cab.  I don't have any experience with combining them to see if one is hotter than the other.

Very true Charles. I have combined the different types before. Used the duplicolor first after an automotive primer, then laid down the rustoleum in very fine coats after masking so as not to “upset” the base coat. My plan here is a black roof and rose gold on the rest of the cab. The wrecker will have a black boom and some other miscellaneous parts. The rest will be rose gold so not too much overlap of brands. I guess the best thing would be if I screw up the paint on the cab, I can print another one and try again. 

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Finished the frame up to this point. I may need to remove a few things but we will see. Just a quick mock up for air cleaner placement. Also need to remove some material from the back of the cab and lower everything about 1/2”. Also have the air pipe from the turbo to the breathers set up. Just need to add plastic tube to fill the gaps.



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Here’s a couple of pictures showing some progress, not much though. Rebuilding the exhaust system, hopefully the new set up will work better. Also, hollowed out the front bumper  






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Did a little more work today. Found a beautiful file for the fuel tanks and printed last night. Exhaust uprights are in place. Cab supports are temp in place. Working on the interior. The full inter from the AMT Freightliner kit fits perfect. Cab and chassis are headed to paint. 



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Finally got some paint on the wrecker body and lift parts. Starting to come together. I think the color combo will look sharp. I’m not sure about the chrome parts though. It may be too much. I may paint the chrome in one of the other colors. 3D printed stacks from CG Trader. 





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