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1985 Waltrip Budweiser Chevy


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Enjoyed this kit until I got to the windshield and the pinstriping.  Those will test your patience!

I used the Salvino's Pepsi Challenger kit for this build. 

Painted with Tamiya white primer,  TS-8 Italian Red,  TS-26 Pure White, and TS-13 Clear.  Polished some with Novus polish

Added black wash to the wheels. 
Sanded the tires then cleanded them with brake cleaner and laquer thinner. Added future to the sidewalls and let dry.  Applied the decals with decal setting solution and after they dried,  I added acrylic flat clear.  Once that dried,  I weathered the lettering a little with "oil stain" weathering kit. 

Added Ignition boxes and wire that I had in my stash.
Aftermarket guages/dash.
PE belt buckles and medical tape for the belts.
Made a new window net (inside the car) with medical tape
PE Hurst shifter
Added aftermarket fuel filler and made the overflow tube
Added PE bolts to the rear spoiler

Redid the exhuast with metal tubing
Added photoetched hood pins (they are finicky but I like how they look.)
The hardest part of this model was probably getting the pinstriping correct.  I kept Mikes decals in business with this part of the model. 

I did a little work to the engine bay but not much.  This is a shelf build

The windshield gave me fits.  I had to sand down the dash where it meets the firewall to give some slope so the windshield would attach.  I also sanded down the top part of the windshield as well.  Superglued the bottom edges at the dash and filled in the rest with Mod Podge. 

I also made the front headlights and grille.  Added mesh to the front grille over a Salvino's grille insert. 

My mistake on this model is that I didn't extend the red far enough onto the front of the nose to give room for the Chevy logo.  Had to put that on the hood.  

Thanks for looking!  On to the modifieds!

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On 3/14/2023 at 10:38 PM, Rattlecan Dan said:

How long did it take you to make all those people?! Your car is as real as his! Fantastic Job! In my time I have contributed greatly to the sponsorship of that car. Thanks for posting.

Thanks! It was a fun build!  Challenging but fun. 

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