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This is a true survivor that’s been handed down from my dad he built this in 1967 at age 19 . This is what got me into modeling as I starred at this car on the shelf for hours. He was smart not to trust it in my possession until I was 14 . Today would have been his 75th birthday. He built this beautiful gasser right from the amt box. All I do is dust it off every so often , and admire it for inspiration. Thanks dad .7A644D6E-EE5D-4BDD-9419-F68D2EE5510A.thumb.jpeg.860f0b2940de2e069abff255e527c63f.jpeg1D7A6936-C443-40C4-AA1A-96389BF7A648.thumb.jpeg.2d00fc436a0a0eec04a3350277087321.jpeg3592B9D9-D2E9-42E8-BCC8-320A9D25181A.thumb.jpeg.5ff94d6f4886ca2aa5ea24f573cdcab0.jpeg70643E5C-65E7-4A0C-A5C8-4230DC0A7832.thumb.jpeg.4a76bce260dc9174dec50b412de90ff8.jpeg4AC69EC1-DFEC-439D-A37D-D2A90A012E53.thumb.jpeg.da6d5046cf63e42c66830010a307dff5.jpegAs always thanks for looking 👀, Mike 

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1 hour ago, Kenmojr said:

What an outstanding momento to have from your Dad. At some time it will probably be passed onto a member of your family.

Yea I hope it can get passed down and preserved. Unfortunately the younger generations aren’t modelers or have the appreciation for them . There’s less and less drag strips or dirt tracks for them to cut their teeth on these days. On the east coast here who would have ever thought of not seeing a drag race at Englishtown or the nigh of thrills at Atco. I’m feeling like the hobbies that we started when we were kids are turning into old man hobbies. 

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23 hours ago, bogger44 said:

Glad you've been able to keep it all these years, that's a great memory of your dad to have.  I have a couple of my dad's builds from that era too.

The 60’s had to be a great time to be a car enthusiast. Thanks for the good words.

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8 hours ago, echo said:

It's nice to have kept it and to honor your Dad's memory with it, so often those that are no longer with us are forgotten and this model can rekindle some of the time both of you spent together.

Yea it’s great. I get that rekindling many times a day 

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