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"Barn find, running"


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2 hours ago, Mopar2 said:

Great build...It looks like a true barn find.The detail is perfect for your barn find.Now that she is running.Its time to rip up the street...

That old hemi has nothing left in it. It'll get it where it needs to go but it's going to need a valve job and mic the walls to see if it needs more. Can you smell it?

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1 hour ago, espo said:

Looks like the old barn had a leaky roof from the extensive rust. Great work. Harder to duplicate mother nature than to build a shiny model. 

More of a shed, actually....yeah, the rust is a bit over done. I got carried away. You got me, David. 😔

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3 hours ago, Vic Florie said:

What color did you use for he seat back?

Hmm....I recall using some Krylon variety in a gloss burgundy sprayed over flat black and later some black acrylic craft paint rubbed in with my fingers and a soft rag. The idea was to make it look like dirty and greasy old vinyl or leather. Did it work?

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3 hours ago, Kah puts said:

I’m not much of rust guy but boy-o-boy you nailed the look, best I’ve seen, bravo 😁

Oh hell no, when it comes to this stuff I'm a piker. There are some true artists on this forum that make my stuff look pretty amateur. I got a few things pretty good and I like to do this stuff once in a while but there's some postings on a "RUST" thread in this category that will give you chills. 

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3 hours ago, Andy Oldenburg said:

I´ve never seen so much rust on an model an I love it! Wonderful build. Thanks for sharing project.

Please look at the "RUST" thread. You will be astounded. Thanks for your praise, Andy. I will check out your YouTube channel today!

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