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1969 Indy Winner: Andretti's  Brawner-Ford  STP Hawk

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SMTS 1/43rd white metal kit. 

First round of clean-up of the main body parts.  It's a pretty clean casting but the nose was a little crusty.  The side pods look like they fit well, but will need a fillet where they meet the main body.


Back in the day I would have probably soldered the side pods onto the body, but I went with CA this time.  First coat of primer shows what needs attention; not as much as I expected but still more to do…


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The decals were worse than I expected; typically the kits from SMTS during this era are a bit thick and yellowed and not all that detailed, but they are useable.  Unfortunately these were stuck to the PE sheet and some of the images were damaged by that. 

When I went to use the tire decals I discovered even the strongest decal solvent I have (and I have several to work with) would not soften them enough to conform to the sidewalls.  Just as well, they were a dingy yellow-white and they didn't have the gold pinstripe. 


I drew and printed an entire new set of decals with more accurate and cleaner artwork.   The first ones I applied were for the tires 


The wheels are nicely rendered and cast.  The tires aren't too bad either.

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