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Harley Earle 1963 Corvette Special Editon


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Harley Earle 1963 Corvette

In 1963 GM Design gifted to the retired Harley Earl, the former head of GM Design, a very special Corvette Sting Ray convertible. The Corvette received numerous modifications from GM Design including a new custom interior and sidepipes.
The Corvette is easily identified by its independent side pipes which are similar to an exhaust first used on Larry Shinoda’s Mako Shark concept released in 1961. These attach to headers that go right through the battery box so the battery is relocated behind the passenger seat. Other details include 1965-spec chrome trim, body emblems, interior control knobs and four-wheel disc brakes.
Inside is the biggest departure from 1963 production specification. The seats are upholstered in blue with white inserts and much of the switchgear is unique and was later used on the 1965 model. Earl’s car has a second instrument binnacle for the passenger-side dashboard which includes a large clock and accelerometer. Floor mats are fitted with a unique aluminum insert and factory air conditioning is installed.
Earle, who was instrumental in the release of the Corvette, received his Sting Ray in 1963. It was originally painted red on red and was used by the factory until Shop Order (S.O.) 10323 was handled by GM Design to transform the car. Furthermore, the fuel injected engine was upgraded a 327in³/300 bhp engine.  (Corvsport.com)

The Franklin Mint 1/24 scale model
Only 733 of this D4C LECC Limited Edition were made by the mint.  This model has been a long time Holy Grail of mine and last week I finally ordered one from the web.





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40 minutes ago, ea0863 said:

Sooo beautiful! I have been putting parts together for a few years to build one of these in 1:25th scale, and didn't even know Franklin Mint had made it. Thanks for sharing 

The '64 AMT Corvette convertible kit has the side pipes and one of them has the passenger side dashboard insert with the gauges.  Best wishes with your build.

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