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1992 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX Notch


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Here’s my box stock build of the infamous Revell 5.0 LX notch! A LOT of digital ink has been spilled on this forum about the roof proportions- but I haven’t seen many on here actually built as a factory stock car (mostly drag and police cars). To my eye, it looks fine until you see it next to a picture of a 1:1 😂

Using the current release Drag Racer kit, I wanted to build mine as a ‘92-‘93 model year with the body-color belt strip. I was shooting for my favorite Fox color of Ultra Blue, done here in Tamiya TS54 “Light Metallic Blue”. A 92-93 should have the Pony 5-spoke wheels, but I actually really like the 10-holes this kit comes with. I do have a Monogram ‘92 convertible that I might swap wheels with later. 

Roof proportions aside, this kit is very well done with excellent fit and detailing. I especially love how the window glass sets in from the outside of the car. The drag car release instructions only show how to build it as a drag car but the factory parts are included and they’re easy to figure out.


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Great stable of Mustangs!!,i was lucky to get a couple of the Greg Wann  resin bodies with a corrected roof,was hoping he would've offered a convertible version,but it never happened.

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