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70 Buick GSX


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Not too happy the way this one came out. Paint was not smooth and never fully dried. It's a nice kit, no problems with it, most of the problems were my fault. Paint is Testors Metallic Gold enamel, interior is Tamiya Semi Gloss Black acrylic. I lost both side mirrors moving it to the photo area, didn't even notice until I had already taken a few shots, found the driver side and got it back on, but never found the passenger side.  All comments welcome and thanks for looking.











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1 hour ago, michelle said:

Nice work 

this is one Buick I need to build 

Thanks Michelle. It is a nice kit. I built the custom version, but you can also build it stock from the kit. I have owned several 1:1 Buicks over the years but never a gsX.


47 minutes ago, Mopar2 said:

Very cool clean build...

Thank you.

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18 hours ago, Mike C said:

Nice build of a classic muscle car.

Thanks Mike.


16 hours ago, Zippi said:

Nice build James.  I'm liking it.

Thanks Bob.


15 hours ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

Looks good in Gold, nice work! I found that Testors Enamels take forever to dry so I haven't used any since about 5 or 6 builds into my return to the hobby five years ago.

Thank you.


14 hours ago, KWT said:

Very nicely done

Thank you.


12 hours ago, Rattlecan Dan said:

Very clean looking muscle. Did a really nice Job on it. Thanks for posting.

Thank you.


3 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Awesome looking GSX!!

Thank you.

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